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Why does my stove smoke when I light it?

If you light your stove and it starts to leak smoke into the room, you may have one or more of several problems.  These are

Poor draught caused by lack of heat in the chimney, a lack of wind or breeze.

The Sooty Sweeps advice would be not to climb the chimney and look down, but merely to open the stove door and try to light just newspaper in the stove. This should put heat into the chimney by causing air to rise. if the smoke from the burning paper goes up the chimney and not into the room leave the stove door slightly ajar until the heat produced causes the chimney to make its own draught.

A chimney that is blocked by nesting birds or other debris.

If you have tried the solutions above and are still not able to get the smoke to go up the chimney then please feel free to call General Enquiries for further advice.