Although in Scotland they have no current need to be, all our sweeps and stove fitters are Hetas trained and certified! Hetas are the official body recognised by the British Government to approve biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses. We believe that for the safety of our customers and the long term success of our business that, all installers should be properly trained. This ensures that you get the best quality install of your new stove, biomass boiler or fireplace.

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All our sweeps are NACS trained and tested before we let them out on their own. We train them up in much the same way as an apprentice would have been trained in the past. When we feel they are ready we submit them for the NACS training and testing.

  • NACS was formed as a professional Trade Association, promoting high standards for the sweeping, inspection and maintenance of chimneys.
  • NACS has over 500 Members, the
  • NACS is recommended by all major fuel organisations, including the Solid Fuel Association, HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing & Approval Scheme), and OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association).
  • NACS Members work strictly to the NACS Code of Practice © 1982 and Code of Conduct for the cleaning of chimneys.
  • On completion of work, NACS Sweeps issue a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping and recommend when future cleaning is necessary.
  • NACS Sweeps stock a comprehensive range of different brushes and tools to tackle the vast variety of chimneys, flues and appliances they meet.
  • Many Members also carry sophisticated equipment such as smoke generator machines, Power Sweeping Equipment, and CCTV cameras for the testing and surveying of chimneys, and for diagnosing chimney faults on new and existing flue installations.

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